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We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest softwares and technologies.

Why use cloud based?

Cloud based systems are the latest in accountancy technology. There are many benefits using this type of software, some of which are:

  • A simple internet connection is all that is needed in order to monitor your business from anywhere.

  • The data is real-time and automatically updated, therefore always accessing the up-to-date version.

  • Allows for the automation of functions such as bank feeds/rules and allows less human processing and therefore fewer errors.

  • Everything automatically backups to the cloud.

  • User permissions can be tweaked to suit your needs.

  • Multiple App integration capabilities.

  • Mobile applications available.

  • No installation, back-ups or maintenance required by you.

software we swear by

Xero Cloud Accounting

Xero’s software lets small-businesses manage their finances from anywhere at any time. It allows users to simply automate day-to-day bookkeeping tasks, so you have more time to focus on things that matter to you.

With Xero you can import bank transactions and send invoice reminders, pay your staff with Xero Payroll and drive profitability with Xero Projects.

Small business owners, bookkeepers, and accountants across the world use Xero thanks to its powerful features.

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Sage Payroll

Sage is for all types of small businesses. Their software gives you anytime, anywhere access to the most important small business essentials.

Sage has features that help you manage your cashflow and send and track invoices, by digitising business processes and relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, banks and governments.

Sage also offers Payroll software.

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Dext is a software that allows business owners to electronically capture and store receipts, invoices and other supporting documents that a business depends on to ensure they keep accurate and secure financial records.

Dext connects straight to your accounting software, such as Xero Online.

Dext has easy to use online and mobile applications. It allows you to send receipts and invoices to your accounting software:
You take a picture of the invoice or receipt on your Receipt Bank/Dext app. We then process the information and ensure it is accurate!

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Can I use these softwares on a mobile?

Yes, all software we use allows for you to download and use a mobile app from anywhere!

How does Dext work?

Dext uses OCR (optical character recognition) and templating technology to extract written information from receipts, invoices and other financial documents. It presents visible data in an electronic and easy-to-manage format.

How is my data stored?

Xero and Dext use the strictest possible controls in place to keep your data safe. In line with the GDPR regulations, they don’t even store your bank details. Your records are protected by bank-level encryption, supported by a dedicated online security team.

What are the system requirements for Xero and Dext?

The software is compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Different versions of Xero have different minimum requirements from Mac iOS or Android. It’s optimum if you’re running the latest available operating system. You’ll need an internet connection to access both Xero and Dext.

Is it possible for both me and my employees to upload invoices?

You can add additional users onto your Dext account. Each user will have the ability to submit, view and edit paperwork with Dext, depending on what is permitted.