Bookkeeping is the regular practise of keeping records of the financial affairs of your business.


What is our bookkeeping service?

Bookkeeping is the regular practise of keeping records of the financial affairs of your business. These records are needed when it comes to tax returns and end of year account submissions. Xenith offers bookkeeping services that not only focus on compliance but rather the entire picture of the business.

Our goal is for our clients is to understand the past and the future of their bookkeeping data, at an affordable price and a one-on-one personal service.

We help our clients to understand how to make educated decisions for the future of their business, and we offer a wide array of solutions to solve any business issues.

How we assist your business

Manage your receipts and payments on a daily, weekly,  monthly or yearly basis.
Ensuring all transactions are recorded correctly and timeously.
Capturing supplier invoices, processing customer invoices, recording cash transactions and recording Point-of-Sale information.

We offer the following

General ledgers
Accounts payable/receivable
Bank/credit card reconciliation
Trial Balance
Invoice Processing
Invoice Preparation
Fixed Assets
Cashflow Statements
VAT Returns

How we work and our process

Your Xenith team is on hand to remove the burden of bookkeeping from your life.


Over time, your team will come to know your bookkeeping needs inside and out, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your business.


Our bookkeepers have experience supporting thousands of small businesses. Our team knows how to serve your business’s unique needs, and they do it well.


You send us a copy of all formal receipts, invoices and charges. We will then ensure that your books are recorded, categorized, and up to date.

About our pricing

Personalised accounts

Your dedicated accountant will produce personalized management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis. The management accounts provide an overview of your expected tax obligations at year-end.

Fixed fees

Monthly fixed retainer based solutions. Xero Online and Dext subscription fees (where applicable) are covered in the fixed monthly fees.

Tax efficiency reviews

Your dedicated bookkeeper will conduct regular tax efficiency reviews, ensuring you’re claiming everything you could be and operating in the most efficient way possible.


Shouldn’t my bookkeeper be local and in-house?

Small businesses no longer need to work with a local, in-house bookkeepers. The internet and cloud technology makes it easy for bookkeepers to securely access their clients books anytime, anywhere. Business owners can now select a bookkeeper who truly understands their industry and operations, instead of hiring the local, community bookkeeper by default.

I have multiple businesses, how can you help me?

Xenith specializes in accounting and bookkeeping services for multi-unit businesses. We can manage the books for each individual location and give you insight into your business’s overall financial performance.

When should I hire a bookkeeper?

The decision to hire a professional bookkeeper is usually triggered by a business owner’s experience of working late into the night, only to find that they’re still not keeping up with their bookkeeping duties. By this point, their books are usually out of order and whether they know it or not, they are often costing themselves money by paying more in taxes than they actually need to. Xenith will help you to maximize the accuracy of your company’s books so you have complete awareness of your income and expenses.

Will I lose control of my business by outsourcing my bookkeeping?

Absolutely not! You still maintain 100% control of all decisions and we have no access to your bank account. You decide what vendors get paid and when. We provide you with the information and perform the specific task, but you approve all invoices for payment.

What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

Bookkeepers are responsible for recording and organizing financial data. Accountants, meanwhile, are responsible for interpreting that data. A thorough bookkeeper will make sure your books look good. However, a qualified accountant can help you make financial decisions about your business.